Nov 8, 2007

On my Birthday

On last monday,was my 24th birthday..waaa..saya sudah tua lg setahun ;p
Lumrah kehidupan..setiap yg bernyawa pasti melalui peringkat kehidupan yg tlh ditentukan olehNYA..

So,I'm suppose to be mature right...think more wisely...take any words more preciously
Especially advice from family & friends...hehe..I've got to take this one seriously !!
Extra careful in any act to be done..
Think before u done fathiyah..

And...semestinya saya mengharapkan agar tahun2 berikutnya saya akan mempertingkatkan amalan,
berusaha menjadi hambaNYA yg lbh beriman..insyallah
Thanks to my family & frens...for all the sweets wishes on my birthday
I'm so touch with their wishes..especially wish from my little sis,maira..

earthquake motion....hahaha :PI'm just celebrate my birthday with my bf..
nothing special or extravaganva.just the 2 of us..

We met @ KLCC that nite :)
peri-fy ur life..hehe..he decided to have dinner @ Madam Kwan's..but unfortunately the restaurant was full that time..
So,then we just had our dinner @ Nandos...
but,the most touchable moment for me was...when he said....

he : mcm mn agaknya kte celebrate bday awak 20thn lg?
me : hahaha (gelak jahat saya) semestinya saya dah tua,kte celebrate bday dgn anak2 yg berderet2...

he : insyallah...saya hrp mcm ni selalu..and conversation the goes on...

Then,I've got my present...ops.. a bag full of presents...hehe
I've got the "things" that I really wanted!!! dah lama mengidam.. :P

A man always seek for happiness..but the only way to reach happiness is when we give our love to others people more than their love to us... :)
I'm happy..I'm feeling glad..I've got sunshine in a bag ;p
Thanks Allah....


miss_mawar said...

salam kak fathiyah.. remember me? your jr kat tikl.. ;) hepi 24th bday. may your wish come true. sori baca blog akak without your permission..hehee..

Choco-mania said...

miss_mawar : thanks 4 da,akak igt awak lg tau..sila2 la bc..nothing spesel pon...just my ordinary life ;)

Diha said...

kene mintak tips dari kak long nih.. kak long, diha tak tau what or where went wrong.. susah nye nk dpt the mr right..*sigh*..

happy belated birthday! masyukk giler celebration.. =D

Choco-mania said...

diha : no special tips..sumetimes we have to be patient..lps solat,doa minta dr Allah temukan jodoh yg terbaik utk kte & family..don't worry..diha muda lg..hehehe.. ;)
thanks 4 da wish =D