Oct 23, 2012

Fun In The Sun

For the past two weeks, cloudy days had take over the weather. Pagi-pagi liat nak bangun. Best berguling dalam selimut tebal, feel like we are in winter season. Hehehe ;p Therefore, I insist my husband for a lazy weekend at the beach.

Yes. I love the ocean breeze, sitting under the sun while getting my skin to be tan. Perfecto! Ada hati nak tan konon. Kulit terbako yang ku dapek. Ngehehe ;p We went to Tanjung Balau, near Desaru, just a nice lepaking place for those living in JB. Now dah ada Senai - Desaru highway, perjalanan lebih lancar :)

I feel the sand on my tiny feet for the first time!

Play time

Leka tengok layang-layang

Jom jalan-jalan


You might notice that I'm wearing this tie-dye shawl so many times lately. Hahaha. I'm so in love with it. It's from Dian Pelangi. Love the soft material, the size (long & wide to cover the chest) & sedap je pakai, tak panas. I've got mine at Lulu Zabi. Go & get yours now. Rugi tak beli, gerenti puas hati. Must have other colours for myself soon. Hehehe.

Funny fact : Nuha 'taste' the sand before she play it. Sedap tak Nuha? Hehehe ;p

Oh My Parent! Don't over shadow on me ;p

At first Nuha was excited when my husband dipped her feet in the water. But then she got scared when the wave came. Ombak jahat. LOL ;D

 Tonggek ;p

Kejar ayah!

Nuha kasi chance kat ayah & mama to camwhore berduaan. Dah lama tak gediks santai like this. Hehehe.

Us :)

Oct 17, 2012

Eczema Skin Care - Cleanser

I'm sexy & I know it.
Tergugat Neelofa dengan keseksian anak mak nih. Tak koser tau ;p

My girl really enjoy her bath time. Pantang ajak mandi ;p

Some said daily bathing will help moisturising the skin. We tried it before. It works! Previously Nuha mandi 3x sehari. Now, since eczema dah ok, just mandi 2x. Don't make the water too warm because it will dries out skin faster than lukewarm water. Suam-suam kuku or suam-suam ketiak. Hahaha ;D

Choosing the right cleanser for Nuha is one of my concern. I pick the one contains mild soap. Babies with eczema need extremely gentle cleansing & deep moisturisation. A good cleanser act to cleanse sore, irritated and prevent babies skin become itchy, dry, flakes & flare-up.

Check the label / ingredient before you purchase the products. Organic products maybe the best option, but sometimes if your baby's skin getting worse, go for another option - chemical products. Use under medical supervision of course.

After mandi, I pat the excess water from her skin with towel. Tak perlu rub because we want the skin maintain the moist. Then terus apply moisturiser (lotion) to your child's skin. Alhamdullilah, by doing this method I can see the improvement on Nuha's skin. Makin lama makin gebu. Ececeh ;)

Here's a few cleansers which Nuha used previously. My personal favourite is Buds Everyday Head to Toe Cleanser sebab bau best! Cleanser yang paling serasi & berkesan for Nuha is Ezerra. Now her skin dah ok, so we change to Sebamed sebab murah sikit. Hehehe ;) Others brand like Moogo, Cetaphil, Eucerin & so on we never tried on.

Tips for mommies, buy the smallest cleanser packaging for trial. Some product may good for others but not guarantee works for your baby, so kena try & error. Give a try for 1week, if it doesn't show good result, switch for another.

Oct 10, 2012


We're practicing this natural parenting method since Nuha was 2months old until today.

I admit that at first I'm so afraid to sleep next to my baby. Risau kang tido lena sampai tak sedar lenyek anak kat sebelah... Nauzubillah. Before Nuha was born, I used to tido mati, selalu tak sedar hape bila dah lena. I never taught my tido mati behavior is going to change right after delivered my daughter. Hehehe. Betullah kata orang, bila jadi mak orang sure tido-tido ayam. Up all night sampai mata lebam like panda. Hahaha ;p

Why we choose Co-Sleeping? [We : persetujuan bersama husband & me ;p]

  • Simplifying nursing - easy to BF my baby at night because I'm too lazy & not so discipline person to take her out from baby cot. Heeee ;p
  • Strengthening bonds - yes. best tido sempit menyelit nih. Best la sangat ;p Bila bapak & anak conquered the bed (above picture as a proof!) mama have to squeezing between wall & them to sleep. Sometimes tido kat bucu katil. Poor mama. Nasib badan.
  • Increasing cuddle time - It's only a left time for us to main geletek due to work constrained at day time. Sob sob sob. Crying deep inside my heart :(
  • Fall asleep easily & more nighttime sleep overall - She will sleep more quickly when she wake up during the night. Kadang-kadang mama pun tak sedar (sebab Nuha dah pandai cari susu sendiri. Heeee)
There is more pros of co-sleeping - prevent SIDS, feel secure, built-up strong character, positive behaviour & etc.

More important is for us to make sure a safe sleep environment. A few Do's & Don'ts as a reminder :

  • Blanket - never put a duvet or thick comforter - In early months, I just put on napkin as a blanket for Nuha. Bila dia dah besar, pakai socks saja. Now, bare foots sebab bila mama pakaikan stokin dia cabut. Cuaca kat malaysia bukan sejuk pun. unless you sleep in aircond bedroom.
  • Light-off - Make sure there is a source of light (samar-samar pun takpe, janji you can see your baby)
  • Smoke - daddies don't smoke before sleep with your babies. Kalau tak, tidur luar ye. Hahaha. (Ayah Nuha not a smoker. Thank Allah for this. Hehehe)
  • Fluffy pillow - keep out any teddy bears, fluffy material. 
Cons. Some believe co-sleeping will discourages independence to your child. Of course it will if sampai tua dok berkepit bawah ketiak mak. Hehehe. Just kidding. For a time being, we still not decide until when Nuha will sleep with us. Maybe until she turns 2years, bila tiba masa to wean off breastfeeding. Insyallah.