May 14, 2012

Entering 3 Series's not me. I'm still young (at heart) ngehehe =p

This entry is special dedicated for MOH. It's supposed to be post 3weeks ago. But then...I'm forgotten. heeheee...

Alhamdullilah, my husband has entered his 3 series age on 26 April. I've got a tonne of ideas to celebrate his birthday. After considered a few things, I made my mind to choose between these two plans.

Plan A. Mak berangan nak masak & having a candlelight dinner. But Nuha was not giving a good cooperation to mama at all. She was moody for the whole day. Entah kenapa la...Plan A failed. hehehe

We move to Plan B which is bought a cake. hahaha. What a shame. Well, at least I tried my best to make a surprise for him. hihihi... I've got to bring Nuha along with me to buy the cake. All the way to cake shop, Nuha was mengamuk sakan. Letih mak. huhu. It's ok. What most important is, my Plan B success!

Later on weekend, we had our lunch at Sahara Tent as his birthday treat. Now asyik gila makan nasi arab. 1plate each. No share share ye. hahaha =)
Happy 30th Birthday Ayah!
We love you so much. Thanks for being a great husband & father =)
Mama & Nuha

May 9, 2012

Nuha is 1 year old

Nuha turned one last sunday. Alhamdullilah. I'm still remembered a day of her arrival. It was a smooth-sailing & quick delivery. Thank you Allah, it such a blessing to see my little baby grown up for the past 12months, eventhough Nuha ni tersangat la banyak kerenahnya...mak redha with this challenge. After all, it was a bittersweet moment & part of my motherhood journey. hehehe

Actually we had a day trip to Singapore on her 1st birthday (will blog about this later). So we haven't celebrate her birthday yet. Nuha, Ayah & Mama owed you a cake cutting (or smashing!) ngeheheee. Insyallah, it will be a small birthday party for her but the date is to be confirm later.
Happy 1st Birthday Nuha. Ayah & Mama will always love you! (sampai kamu besar, masuk sekolah, universiti, kerja, kahwin & ada, tetibe je...hahaha) Muah muah muah.