Dec 15, 2011

Dealing with Eczema

At 5months and a half, Nuha was diagnosing with eczema. Mulanya I notice kulit Nuha a bit dry at certain part especially part pelipat tangan, kaki. I tot it just normal dry skin, sebab my husband had a dry skin type too. So I just apply baby lotion on Nuha’s skin. But, it doesn’t show any progress.

After raya, balik dari kampong, Nuha got a little tiny rashes at her certain body parts. I tot it was heat rash sebab masa tu dok beraya sana sini, cuaca panas, Nuha pun asyik berpeluh. Then, I lumur her whole body with bedak sejuk & the rashes disappear.

A month later, Nuha got rashes on her right cheek. This time I tot it was ruam susu. My mum said, it’s normal for bf baby got ruam susu. Again I sapu bedak sejuk and the rashes disappear. A few weeks later, the rashes on her cheek suddenly jadi banyak. I tried a few petua traditional to cure it like tepung ubi, tepung jagung but it doesn’t works.

So this time, we decided to seek a doctor for an advice & medicine. Doctor said Nuha got mild eczema (masa tu tak teruk lagi) & she gave 2medicine, Cetaphil moisturiser & H-Cort cream. But I sapu ubat tu main2. Kadang sapu kadang tak bcoz I do not prefer to apply steroid on my baby. Maybe because of that the rashes became worst. Then, kami jumpa paediatrician pulak pasal nak kepastian about this disease. Paed said it is eczema too. Confirm la sudah. Huhuhu ;(

One day, as usual I gave Nuha ate bubur nasi + daging. Suddenly ruam kat muka Nuha became so horrible. Macam udang bakar. Huhuhu… Pity my little baby. Mama & ayah buntu. Mama pun nangis sebab risau & kesian tengok Nuha tergaru-garu. Sure ruam tu merenyam & gatal.

Starting next day, I stop gave Nuha eat meat, fish & whatever food that might cause the growth of eczema. I pun have to pantang makan jugak bcoz Nuha still breastfeed (kurus la mama..hahaha ;p) For a time being, Nuha & me jadi vegetarian (adakah saya akan sukses tahan nafsu makan???) I think when she reaches 9months, barulah I slowly introduce meat, fish & chicken to her. Eggs definitely gonna be her forbidden food.

Hopefully, Nuha will recover from eczema soon. Lagi cepat lagi bagus. Lega hati ayah & mama. Husband & I still try & error apa2 saja petua to cure eczema Nuha. Hanie, thanks a lot sebab sudi share some tips ya.

If anyone had an experience dealing with eczema babies, meh la share your tips ye ;)

Dec 13, 2011

Cameron Highlands

Yeah… at last, dapat jugak kami holiday after a year busy with life, pregnant-deliver-confinement-work-take care baby and the list goes on. Hehehe. This time around, holiday with my in law family. Cukup corum & cukup seronok.

And this is Nuha’s first holiday. Mama & ayah Nuha yang nampaknya lebih excited ye. Nuha – layan ajelah ;p Since it was school holiday, everywhere in Cameron was packed with tourists. Jalan pun jammed gile macam kat KL.

Day 1 – arrive there around 4pm. Rest & relax the whole night.

Day 2 – reach BOH Tea Centre Sungei Palas early morning. It was a breath-taking moment ever. Masyallah. The hill is just like a paint art. Surely I’ll remember the beautiful scenery & the superb fresh air.

Breakfast at BOH café – dalam muvi Ombak Rindu ada scene kat sini. Hehe. It’s a perfect place for romantic tea time. Tapi kalau dah ramai orang, tak ler romantic pun ;p Visit BOH factory, tengok tea making process. Walk down the tea farm hill & carry my 6kg baby. It feels like 9months pregnancy. Hahaha. Our family portrait – my most favourite picture.

Us, having a tea time at Strawberry Moment. Love the desert so much.

Disebabkan cuaca sejuk bangat, tak merasa nak try strawberry ice cream. Pasar Brinchang, sempat tengok gitu-gitu je, tak dan nak shopping, hujan lebat.

Day 3 – memborong sayur kat Kea Farm. Rambang mata tengok sayur segar bugar. Fresh dari ladang.

On da way balik, singgah Strawberry Farm. Strawberry pun sold out musim cuti sekolah ni. Takde chance pun nak petik strawberry. Drop by at Bharat Tea Plantation. Balik KL.

Definitely we’ll come here again next time. Nak qada’ tempat yang kami tak sempat singgah. Hehehe ;)

Nota kaki : If you notice Nuha’s cheek pinkish, its because of eczema. I’ll story about that in next entry.