Oct 23, 2012

Fun In The Sun

For the past two weeks, cloudy days had take over the weather. Pagi-pagi liat nak bangun. Best berguling dalam selimut tebal, feel like we are in winter season. Hehehe ;p Therefore, I insist my husband for a lazy weekend at the beach.

Yes. I love the ocean breeze, sitting under the sun while getting my skin to be tan. Perfecto! Ada hati nak tan konon. Kulit terbako yang ku dapek. Ngehehe ;p We went to Tanjung Balau, near Desaru, just a nice lepaking place for those living in JB. Now dah ada Senai - Desaru highway, perjalanan lebih lancar :)

I feel the sand on my tiny feet for the first time!

Play time

Leka tengok layang-layang

Jom jalan-jalan


You might notice that I'm wearing this tie-dye shawl so many times lately. Hahaha. I'm so in love with it. It's from Dian Pelangi. Love the soft material, the size (long & wide to cover the chest) & sedap je pakai, tak panas. I've got mine at Lulu Zabi. Go & get yours now. Rugi tak beli, gerenti puas hati. Must have other colours for myself soon. Hehehe.

Funny fact : Nuha 'taste' the sand before she play it. Sedap tak Nuha? Hehehe ;p

Oh My Parent! Don't over shadow on me ;p

At first Nuha was excited when my husband dipped her feet in the water. But then she got scared when the wave came. Ombak jahat. LOL ;D

 Tonggek ;p

Kejar ayah!

Nuha kasi chance kat ayah & mama to camwhore berduaan. Dah lama tak gediks santai like this. Hehehe.

Us :)

Oct 17, 2012

Eczema Skin Care - Cleanser

I'm sexy & I know it.
Tergugat Neelofa dengan keseksian anak mak nih. Tak koser tau ;p

My girl really enjoy her bath time. Pantang ajak mandi ;p

Some said daily bathing will help moisturising the skin. We tried it before. It works! Previously Nuha mandi 3x sehari. Now, since eczema dah ok, just mandi 2x. Don't make the water too warm because it will dries out skin faster than lukewarm water. Suam-suam kuku or suam-suam ketiak. Hahaha ;D

Choosing the right cleanser for Nuha is one of my concern. I pick the one contains mild soap. Babies with eczema need extremely gentle cleansing & deep moisturisation. A good cleanser act to cleanse sore, irritated and prevent babies skin become itchy, dry, flakes & flare-up.

Check the label / ingredient before you purchase the products. Organic products maybe the best option, but sometimes if your baby's skin getting worse, go for another option - chemical products. Use under medical supervision of course.

After mandi, I pat the excess water from her skin with towel. Tak perlu rub because we want the skin maintain the moist. Then terus apply moisturiser (lotion) to your child's skin. Alhamdullilah, by doing this method I can see the improvement on Nuha's skin. Makin lama makin gebu. Ececeh ;)

Here's a few cleansers which Nuha used previously. My personal favourite is Buds Everyday Head to Toe Cleanser sebab bau best! Cleanser yang paling serasi & berkesan for Nuha is Ezerra. Now her skin dah ok, so we change to Sebamed sebab murah sikit. Hehehe ;) Others brand like Moogo, Cetaphil, Eucerin & so on we never tried on.

Tips for mommies, buy the smallest cleanser packaging for trial. Some product may good for others but not guarantee works for your baby, so kena try & error. Give a try for 1week, if it doesn't show good result, switch for another.

Oct 10, 2012


We're practicing this natural parenting method since Nuha was 2months old until today.

I admit that at first I'm so afraid to sleep next to my baby. Risau kang tido lena sampai tak sedar lenyek anak kat sebelah... Nauzubillah. Before Nuha was born, I used to tido mati, selalu tak sedar hape bila dah lena. I never taught my tido mati behavior is going to change right after delivered my daughter. Hehehe. Betullah kata orang, bila jadi mak orang sure tido-tido ayam. Up all night sampai mata lebam like panda. Hahaha ;p

Why we choose Co-Sleeping? [We : persetujuan bersama husband & me ;p]

  • Simplifying nursing - easy to BF my baby at night because I'm too lazy & not so discipline person to take her out from baby cot. Heeee ;p
  • Strengthening bonds - yes. best tido sempit menyelit nih. Best la sangat ;p Bila bapak & anak conquered the bed (above picture as a proof!) mama have to squeezing between wall & them to sleep. Sometimes tido kat bucu katil. Poor mama. Nasib badan.
  • Increasing cuddle time - It's only a left time for us to main geletek due to work constrained at day time. Sob sob sob. Crying deep inside my heart :(
  • Fall asleep easily & more nighttime sleep overall - She will sleep more quickly when she wake up during the night. Kadang-kadang mama pun tak sedar (sebab Nuha dah pandai cari susu sendiri. Heeee)
There is more pros of co-sleeping - prevent SIDS, feel secure, built-up strong character, positive behaviour & etc.

More important is for us to make sure a safe sleep environment. A few Do's & Don'ts as a reminder :

  • Blanket - never put a duvet or thick comforter - In early months, I just put on napkin as a blanket for Nuha. Bila dia dah besar, pakai socks saja. Now, bare foots sebab bila mama pakaikan stokin dia cabut. Cuaca kat malaysia bukan sejuk pun. unless you sleep in aircond bedroom.
  • Light-off - Make sure there is a source of light (samar-samar pun takpe, janji you can see your baby)
  • Smoke - daddies don't smoke before sleep with your babies. Kalau tak, tidur luar ye. Hahaha. (Ayah Nuha not a smoker. Thank Allah for this. Hehehe)
  • Fluffy pillow - keep out any teddy bears, fluffy material. 
Cons. Some believe co-sleeping will discourages independence to your child. Of course it will if sampai tua dok berkepit bawah ketiak mak. Hehehe. Just kidding. For a time being, we still not decide until when Nuha will sleep with us. Maybe until she turns 2years, bila tiba masa to wean off breastfeeding. Insyallah.

Sep 20, 2012

Simple Math

I love maths subject but sometimes hate it. Hahaha. Benci bila tak dapat jawapan, dan dan tu selak last page tengok solution or right answer. Then baru I figure out how to get that actual answer. Kona kot terbalik. Tak aci sungguh. Malas nak pikiaq. Eh, we must be creative to solve problems rite? Heeee ;p

Nuha, please don't follow your mom step yang selalu auta (in study jer). I'm sure you're more intelligent than I am. Must be brilliant like ayah ;) Insyallah.

Btw, this entry is more like tagging game. Lama tak buat so saja suka suka :) If ada readers or bloggers nak join the game silakan. You can create your own 'Simple Math'. Campur Tolak Darab Bahagi whatsoever lah. Nak kuasa dua, tiga, kamiran pun boleh. Hehehe

Sep 6, 2012

A Diva In Making

My little girl is such a super diva indeed. Drama queen to be I must say. Kalau bab berlakon No.1. Air mata berjurai, merajuk kemain lagi. Siap berguling-guling ;p

Because of that, I will buy her a sunglasses. Eh, ada kena mengena ke? Hahaha... Intention sebenar - sebab Nuha suka main shades mama. Elok jugak beli satu untuk dia, nanti mama ada geng nak camwhore + boleh feeling glamour d'amor bila picnic nanti. Kahkahkah ;D

I think it's super cute & cool for babies wearing a shades. Ranggi + stylo. Oh, I found this article on net to share about. Should my child wear sunglasses?

Hmmm...it seems like I need to choose the mahal one kah? Must check the 20bucks sunglasses that Nuha tried on tu meet the safety requirement or not. The UVA & UVB rays things what-so-ever. Hamboiii ;p Nak bergaya punya pasal.

Chill yo!

Aug 30, 2012

Eid Mubarak

Our little family di pagi raya

Salam Aidilfitri to all readers & bloggers. I hope it is not too late to wish Eid Mubarak to everyone. Minta maaf zahir & batin kalau ada salah & silap saya selama ni. Kira 0-0 yek ;)

So, how's your raya? Mine was oh-some! Alhamdullilah. Raya kali ni was totally organize. Tak macam last year, kalut gile sampai baju raya tertinggal. Hahaha. Serba serbi caca marba. It was my first time raya as a mom with Nuha (she was around 4mos & so cranky) back then. This year dah ada experience, so dah reti nak handle anak during long distance travelling.

Just enjoy our snaps during first week of eid :)

Before bertolak ke KL, camwhore dulu. hahaha

This time around, I'm so excited & tak sabar balik hometown (Bangi & Taman Melati) sebab kami dah stay jauh from our families. Oh...sungguh lain the feeling of being perantau. Hehe. Kali ni travel pergi-balik from JB-KL-Kuala Pilah-Perak-Penang. Gile penat tapi seronok dapat ketemu sedara mara. Syukur.

Big Families

Daddy & doter ;)

Raya at Kg.Gamin, Kuala Pilah

Ramai kan theme purple this year ;)

Nuha mintak maruku. Buat muka seposen ;p

On the way to Ipoh

On da way to Penang

Raya at Ipoh, tema peach + blue...hehe

Suka hati

Raya at Seremban

Raya at BFF Hafsah's house

Us with babies

Visiting baby Aqeel

With Cik Yah vogue ;D

Raya at Athirah's house

Group photo session

Polka dot girl

Kareb forever..haha

Kucing pun join raya ;p

Foodies...Nasi lemak & Triffle Keramat terbaek!!!

Main kucing

Afiq in da house yo!

Nuha showed a lot of improvement on her socialize skill since we decided to send her to nursery. Less afraid with unfamiliar faces, kurang cranky, well behave, enjoy walking around & playing with other kids. Hurmmm...most of the time she play alone...heee. Mama can makan & sembang sakan. Hahaha. That's why I put on weight after a week raya. Cis! ;p

Insyallah this weekend we will going back to KL. heeee ;p Belum habis beraya lagi. Nak memenuhi jemputan open house rakan taulan pulak. Hehehe.

Aug 1, 2012

Ramadhan Kareem

Assalamualaikum :)

Alhamdullilah...it's almost 2weeks berpuasa kan. Syukur padaNya kerana all of us diberi kesempatan menunaikan ibadah ini sekali lagi. Hows your Ramadhan?

Mine was a bit challenging this year. On first day of ramadhan, Nuha down with high fever + cough + flu. Complete package tuh. huhu. Kesian. I think last week was musim babies got fever. Faktor cuaca pun sama. It was the worst fever for Nuha because the doctor had to gave her nebuliser. Hidung, tekak & tonsil dah bengkak. Kahak dah terkumpul banyak. I was so panic & scared, sampaikan Mak Tok Nuha datang all the way from KL sebab risaukan anak & cucunya yang dah tak terurus. Manja! I mean both of us. hehehe. We really missed her so much. Love you mak :)

Alhamdullilah, Nuha is recovered now & active like before. Biasala budak baru dapat 'kaki'. hehehe. Setakat hari ni, baru sekali kami (saya & nuha) ke masjid untuk solat terawikh. Nuha quiet behave. Tak kacau jemaah lain solat, tak buat bising & most important dia tak menangis. ngehehe. Dia kacau mak dia je. Alahai... Untuk alih perhatian dia, saya bawa bekalan siap-siap dari rumah. Nuha...bila dapat biskut, lekalah dia. At least mama dapat la solat terawikh 8rakaat kan. hehehe. Insyallah, this weekend nak bawa Nuha ke masjid lagi. Kali ni angkut toys yang beranak pinak tu jugak. hehehe ;p

Feel perform solat terawikh kat rumah sorang-sorang tak sama macam solat jemaah kat masjid. It's so true like Qis said in her entry. I feel the same way. Moga Allah kurniakan pahala untuk ibadah lain & pahala jaga anak to all mothers whom sacrifice a lot for their love one. Oh...last year rezeki saya dapat puasa penuh. Hopefully this year pun sama lah. Insyallah. This is one of benefit of breastfeeding :) Thank you Allah.

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa semua :)

Nuha & Kak Syirah (her cousin) nak balik kampung. Yeay!!!

Jun 29, 2012

Stay at home mother - SAHM

I am counting a days to get back to work. Insyallah, I'll start working with new company next week. Oh...Monday blues. huhuhu

Perasaan saat ini - rasa macam-macam - sedih, berdebar, risau, takut. It seems like the negative feelings took over me at this moment. Sekarang ni asyik dok peluk & cium Nuha je. Dia pun naik rimas. hahaha. I wish I could stay at home any longer. Oh, Nuha already took her first few steps this week. Makin hari makin mahir melangkah. Well done my darling.

Since I left my job & stay at home, I've got so many people will asking me this popular question. "Tak boring ke duduk rumah jaga anak?" Frankly speaking, I never felt bored at all. Stay at home was heaven. Bukan duduk rumah goyang kaki. Kenalah buat kerja rumah kan. Masak, mengemas, membasuh, mencuci & so on. A never ending job. Letih? Alah bisa tegal biasa. Cewah. Dok ofis lagi letih. Letih berlakon. hahaha ;p

Jaga Nuha - best job ever! Within this 3months, I'd learned a lot, especially on be patient. Sabar jaga anak ni lain. Tak sama macam kita sabar dengan husband. hehehe. There was 1day, were Nuha was so cranky from day to night. Sungguh menguji tahap kesabaran saya. I was tired - physical & mental. And I lost with myself. I scoulded Nuha. Kesian dia. On the next morning, I turn into Prof Muhayya ceramah, and I feel so guilty. I keep on minta maaf with Nuha walaupun dia maybe tak faham. Bukan anak saja yang kena minta maaf pada parent kalau buat salah. Tapi parent pun kena minta maaf pada anak kalau ada yang terkurang dalam mendidik anak. As told by Prof Muhayya.

Miss my job? Hell no. Maybe I'm not an ambitious woman. Takpe. Ramai lagi woman engineer yang hebat di luar sana. Please replace my spot. I want to retired, stay at home & raised up my daughter (and her sibling in future, insyallah).

Maknye over sengih. Abaikan. haha ;p

Jun 11, 2012

Janda Baik

This reunions was held few months ago, ngam ngam lepas my last day of working. Again, entry tertunggak ;p

Finally, the plan to overnight with my UTM mates terlaksana jua, after a few times tergendala. The most challenging part was to gather everybody & fix the time. Maklumlah mostly depa memang buzy with career & families. Our last gathering kat Port Dickson which is 5years back. Lama dah. Masa tu semua bujang trang tang tang. hehehe :)

The reason buat gathering ni pun sebab lama dah kami tak berkumpul & lepak together + sebab saya berpindah ke JB. I never thought nak booking a place to stay kat Janda Baik is quite tough. Iye. Mostly dah fully booked during weekends. Any weekends even bukan time cuti sekolah. So, if you're planning to stay there, better make an early reservation. Luckly we manage to get Le' Manah Retreat located at Kampung Chemperoh, a tudor style holiday bungalow.

This place were absolutely great! Memang best for small gathering. Super best from A-Z. The warm hospitality, the good services & the variety of facilities. Yang penting well maintained & bersih. Highly recommended! psttt...our mini gathering picture is featured in Le' Manah web. hehehe :)

Got this very delicious cupcakes as our welcome treat :)

Our tentative programme, lepak, makan & sembang sampai lebam mata. hahaha ;p Betul... I think we chit chat sampai ke pagi. Ada je topik nak boraknye. Aktiviti santai & sempoi aje.

Ni Nuha bersama bakal mak mertua. Diskus nak letak hantaran kawen. hehehe ;p

Mandi manda at children swimming pool. Mak budak yang terlebih excited. hahaha ;p

Wajib pi mandi sungai pulak. Sungai depan banglo tu je. Syok gile. 

Air sungai sejuk macam ais, menggigil Nuha ;)

Later at night, we had barbeque & karaoke time. Yummy!

Tu dia champion karok...Mak-mak tengah bergosip ;p

On preparation. Sapa tu yang tengah pulun mengipas? hehehe

Suasana pagi yang peaceful. Ronda-ronda dengan basikal. Kat luar banglo, ada games room yang provide kids playing area (mini playground), ping pong table & corum table. Yes..games for bapak-bapak ;) Our kids seronok get along among them.

Experience this! Got a fish for a first time fishing. Nak naik bot pon boleh. Badminton match. hehehe ;)

The Boys

The Girls

After breakfast, masing-masing packing their stuff. It's time to go home. Before that, acara bergambar untuk kenangan.
Family Potraite

Little Red Family ;)

Cukup corum

Mak dara + anak dara

Love this candid snap :) Walaupon berdagu dua. hahaha

We had a wonderful time there. This place give me a cozy feeling & it's a perfect gateaway I ever had with my besties so far. Rasa relax sangat, tenang with nature & fresh surrounding. Love it to the bits.

Check out their website for more info & great offer. Kak Ayu the owner of this bungalow was so kind to deal with. We will be happy to comeback here anytime. Insyallah