May 13, 2014

Make It Simple & Short

Blog dah nyawa-nyawa ikan…
Sedih nak biarkan saja macam ni…
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It gives me an inspiration to update my blog after this. A picture(s) tells you a thousand words & the memories. Get it? Especially utk mak-mak yang super buzy...hehehe
Walaupun takde gadget (camera) canggih & talented as a photog, itu bukan alasan....ngheee
Dah-dah, jangan melalut, straight to the point ;p

Alhamdullilah, Nuha turns 3 last week on May 6. Wow, you’re growing up so quickly my dear. You’re already 3 years old! It just seems like yesterday you were 3 days old. Happy 3rd birthday!