Oct 17, 2012

Eczema Skin Care - Cleanser

I'm sexy & I know it.
Tergugat Neelofa dengan keseksian anak mak nih. Tak koser tau ;p

My girl really enjoy her bath time. Pantang ajak mandi ;p

Some said daily bathing will help moisturising the skin. We tried it before. It works! Previously Nuha mandi 3x sehari. Now, since eczema dah ok, just mandi 2x. Don't make the water too warm because it will dries out skin faster than lukewarm water. Suam-suam kuku or suam-suam ketiak. Hahaha ;D

Choosing the right cleanser for Nuha is one of my concern. I pick the one contains mild soap. Babies with eczema need extremely gentle cleansing & deep moisturisation. A good cleanser act to cleanse sore, irritated and prevent babies skin become itchy, dry, flakes & flare-up.

Check the label / ingredient before you purchase the products. Organic products maybe the best option, but sometimes if your baby's skin getting worse, go for another option - chemical products. Use under medical supervision of course.

After mandi, I pat the excess water from her skin with towel. Tak perlu rub because we want the skin maintain the moist. Then terus apply moisturiser (lotion) to your child's skin. Alhamdullilah, by doing this method I can see the improvement on Nuha's skin. Makin lama makin gebu. Ececeh ;)

Here's a few cleansers which Nuha used previously. My personal favourite is Buds Everyday Head to Toe Cleanser sebab bau best! Cleanser yang paling serasi & berkesan for Nuha is Ezerra. Now her skin dah ok, so we change to Sebamed sebab murah sikit. Hehehe ;) Others brand like Moogo, Cetaphil, Eucerin & so on we never tried on.

Tips for mommies, buy the smallest cleanser packaging for trial. Some product may good for others but not guarantee works for your baby, so kena try & error. Give a try for 1week, if it doesn't show good result, switch for another.


Maria Rajab said...

anak maria pun sensitif kulit..tp x ezema..kena pilih sabun yg betul2 okay..kalau tak naik mcm2..huhu..

Fathiyah said...

maria : betul tu awak. tak boleh hentam sabun. kesian kt dia kalo naik ruam & gatal2. mst tak selesa.

Suzie said...

ilyas kerap kena heat rashes esp kat tengkuk n i guna shower gel sebamed n bedak agnesia

mrs.syediz said...

hussayni pun pakai buds head to toe & super rescue cream. alhamdulillah, kulit dia ok. smpi skang super rescue tu ada je dlm beg. nmpk je nk naik merah terus spau then ok terus. ;)

MissRhana said...

babe, Iman kna eczema sgt teruk mase kecik. habis muka dia menggerutu. sampai skrg pon kdg2 ade kat pelipat tgn tu. i guna ezerra cream. sgt bagus. kecik2 dl pn pakai ezerra bodywash. now bila kulit dia dah ok, i pakai johnson cooling for prickly heat. alhamdulillah ok.