Nov 9, 2007

Maira 8th Birthday

Birthday Girl =D
Today is my youngest sis bday..maira
She turns 8 today..yup,4 of 9 persons in family born in november
so,when nov come it is just like a month of bday party celebration..ngehehe
My mums' bday on 25th while my bro,sopey on close right ;p

We didn't plan anything for her..make it suprise..lalala
Sofa bought her a lovely red hair band
I just gave her a card
Kak chik (sabirah) make a nice & delicious moist chocolate cake for her

Homemade cake by kak chik
She was very excited this morning...coz she wanna bring that cake to school..
celebrate her bday wif her classmate & teachers...
And...late in the evening,when I come back from office,I just bought Secret Recipe Classic Cheese cake for maira..
then,when I just arrived at home..I said to her to take a 'things' in my car...
She was so suprise & shout..
wahhhh...kek bday maira la !
(riuh sekampung...) ngehehe

her bday cake & presents

Batik Indonesia =D

Oh,I've got a lovely dovey present from ayah tooo
Ayah bought me Batik Indonesia..(my dad just came back from pulau Bintan,Indonesia which is located @ kepulauan Riau)
So,I'm planning to make a kebaya...fewittt :)


yginsaf said...

happy belated birthday..
nice batik dari bintan itu.. (teringat me cerita laksamana bintan membunuh sultan mahmud mangkat dijulang..)

salam pagi ahad yg sehat sis..

Choco-mania said...

yg insaf : thanks

athirah said...

happy birthday to umaira! go..go november girls..!! :)

Choco-mania said...

athirah : november gurls rock!!! :P