May 31, 2008

Lalala..Kerja la

Makin lama,makin bertambah beban kerja saya kat opis
ye..rsnye sume org pon hadapi perkara yg sama kan?
lbh byk & bsr tggjwb kte bila semakin lama brkerja...

so,for about 2month ahead,I've got a responsibility to do an inspection at casting yard...checking for deck plank made using prestressed concrete..
very valueable experience for me!
kilang ni terletak kat beranang...HUME CONCRETE SDN BHD..
yes..this company is among the top precast concrete manufacturer..
get more info here (

ok,let me tell ya about my experience after 4 times visited & doing my job there
firstly,I'd to check all the reinforcement...
checking in all aspects...such as tendons alignment,spacing of rebar,and so on..then,I'd to wait & see the stressing job.. yg penat..lama nak tgu stressing all the tendons..byk!
nsb baik saya tak stress..LOL

p/s: last weekend I'd attended farah & faiz,saya tak bw,I'm still waiting the peektures from zura & fira..once dah dpt the pics,then saya will update about their wed ok :) till then..chow chin chow :p


en_me said...

ooo gittewww keje kamu yer.. keep it up my dear..

Fathiyah said... : gini la keje eng 'cokia'..hehe..insyallah,saya akan berusaha utk yg terbaik :)

hafsah said...

tendons alignment? hihihi.. skali dgr mcm medical term..
tendon = daging? urat? huhu..
muscle attachment to bone it is.. tp tatau bm apa..

apa dia tendon alignment in Eng ni sbenonye?

Fathiyah said...

tendon ni kalo dlm istilah civil eng ialah gabungan wayar2 yg bertindak sbg daya tegangan kpd,ia mamberikan kekuatan yg lbh kpd konkrit berbanding konkrit biasa...
yelah...blh kurang cm urat le tu..hehe..