Apr 10, 2012


Salam. Hi! Alhamdullilah, we’re already settling down in JB since last week. Both of us are doing just fine. Try to coop & adjust the life with new environment here.

First week away from families was terrible. I miss them so much. At this age, I think the feeling of homesick was totally different. Dulu homesick jugak bila masuk asrama & uni. But this time around is much sicker. Hahaha. You know…a motherly feeling.

A day we had to say good bye was fully loaded with tears & sorrow…such a drama here. Hihihi. Both of mak & I can’t resist crying even though we try hard not to shed any tear…I know how my mum feels. Mak don’t want to let Nuha go… She is the one who jaga Nuha since the day Nuha was born until last week. Nuha was her companion back then. Her love & care to Nuha was unconditional. Pure love I must say. So it’s hard for her to say good bye to her one & only granddaughter.

Until today, every time we had a conversation thru phone, either mak or me will get sebak & shed the tears. Hehehe. Husband said I’m just like mak. Jenis yang senang nangis (Ratu air mata) ;p

Insyallah, sooner or later everything will turn stable, especially the emotion part. hehe. I’m a full time-housewife now. Will blog about it later ;p

Note : Today is my parent 30th wedding anniversary. Thank you Allah for the happiness, barakah & blessing. Alhamdullilah.


MissRhana said...

surely sebak kn...dl memula kawen pn gitu :(

MissRhana said...

surely sebak kn...dl memula kawen pn gitu :(

Fathiyah said...

missRhana - iye...rs still nak dok bwh ketiak mak. hehe

Cahaya said...

dh pindah ek fathi..xsempat jumpa kn..huhuhu
pas adam kena HFMD hr tu kelam kabut sikit..
Good Luck di sana ye:-)
Keep in touch

Fathiyah said...

cahaya - aah. tq aziyan. insyallah, tiap-tiap bln kami akan blk KL.kalo ada kelapangan kte jumpa ya. keep in touch =)

mrs.syediz said...

awak!bestnya dapat jd fulltime housewife, dapat masak untuk anak & husband... woww. bestnya.