Mar 26, 2012

Look Alike

I’m a bit busy archiving office stuffs lately. The feeling is mix up. Happy – finally I had a chance to stay at home with Nuha at least for a month. Can’t wait for it! Sad – leaving my career & colleague here and also leaving our families. Nervous – attend an interview. Masa fresh grad dulu confident je pegi interview. La ni…ketaq! Hahaha.

I found these pictures of us while browsing personal folders. Gambaq baby tua. Hehehe. Kebetulan pulak three of us wearing stripe rompers.. Hmmm… who knows Nuha’s future husband also wearing baju belang-belang? Hahaha… ok handsome boys. Send your resume to your future mother in law for approval. Ngehehe =p

Personally I think Nuha banyak ikut muka ayah dia. No meh? But obviously she copycat my bujur sireh face shape. Hehehe… *perasan* =p

Note : enjoying my last week as an engineer cabuk =D


PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

nuha sgt copy paste muka kamu ka fathiyah!! comeyy sgt

m@ri@ said...

nuha comel...

Fathiyah said...

aifa : hehe. sah anak saya :)
maria : =)

Zainur said...


I wish one day boleh jd full housewife atau work from home... Rasa mcm betul2 nak jaga anak and asuh anak2 sendiri... Bila kerja biasanya anak sedikit terabai...utk those yg boleh balance wife-mom-work mmg tabik spring lah!

Cahaya said...

nampak gayayer kena belikn adam rompers belang2 je la pas ni..hahaha:-)