Nov 5, 2011

28 years young :p

Family Potraite :)

Today, I’m turning 28 years old. Dah bertambah matured setahun lagi. Alhamdullilah.. At this age, I feel so grateful because Allah gives me a chance to have a pleasure life as a daughter, wife & mother. Everything was awesome for a whole year. Thank you Allah for your blessing & prosperity.

Tomorrow, Nuha turns into 6months. Yeah. A transition month for her. Hehe. Sempena bday Mama hari ni, mama akan hidangkan first solid food for you my honeybunsugarplum. Hehehe ;p Sekejap lagi mama akan masak bubur nasi special. Kita makan sama2 ye ;)

To all bloggers & readers, Salam Aidiladha. Hati-hati balik kampong. Selamat berkorban & tumbang lembu seekor. Hehehe ;)


F a i z a h ' s said...

cantek sgt anak, ummi n ayah skali :)

nur easy said...

happy birthday fathi.. ;)