Nov 11, 2008

Taman Negara Trip : Day 2

And the adventured continue…
Early in the morning we gather for breakfast and continue our activity
We need to prepare ourselves for more exhausted day..huhu
The activity started with canopy walk

Taman Negara Canopy walk is the longest canopy walk in the world spanning 450m, suspended 40m above ground..hehe..scary isn’t it??? ;P

but should not be missed!!
I would not recommended dis one for those who faint-hearted!!!
U wan to know how I feel being up there???
I’m scared!!! nerves.. my leg feel so shaking to make every step.. I can’t even see the ground.. takut sgt.. I really don’t dare to do dis at the beginning..

But then slowly I’ve got my strength to enjoy every minutes up there..
really enjoy the fascinating scenery.. with the green forest..
aahhh… I feel like fall in love again.. the smell of trees was soooo fresh!!!

(saya tepon en.syah atas jambatan gantung tuh..terus lega & he make me strong enough..haha) btw, the phone coverage in the jungle was very2 good…just like Digi commercial adv in tv with yellow & fat ‘things’ tuh..LOL

After that, we continue our activity with climb Bukit Teresek..
It was though, exhausted with steep slope..but I really do enjoy it
From Bukit Teresek we can saw Gunung Tahan..far far away
(haku tak dpt bygkan la cm mn kalo nak panjat gunung tahan tuh..pengsan.haha)

We had a lunch break, then we visit Orang Asli Aboriginal Settlement. We met the friendly native inhabitants, the Batek (the one & only Orang Asli that remained stayed in the jungle until today) and watch their demonstration blow-pipe and fire-making skills which are assential to their lifestyle..
I had a chance to try sumpit the blow-pipe..hehe..but unfortunately I can’t shoot to the target (sumpitan ala2 lemah lembut..haha)
The Batek people can speak malay very well..(aha..terkezut den)

ready to get wet!

Finally, late that evening, our tourist guard ‘membasah kuyupkan’ we all with splashing water of Sg.Tembeling.. it just like a war between 3boats..
hey, it was fun ;)
And bcoz of this la my cam rosak daaa…huhuhu

That nite, we having BBQ dinner..masing2 lapar & mcm kebuluran..hehehe
The food was ok lo.. my ofismate continue wif Uno game after dinner..
But me..having a nice sweet dreams already..hahaha..

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