Sep 7, 2008

I'm sooo jealous!

Yesterday,i had to accompanied my dad & sis to MV
(see the word dad force me woke up dis morning,erm..actually it almost noon..haha..teruk betul haku nih)

our intension going to MV was shopping for my sis needed
rite now,my sis is preparing & packaging her stuffs
insyallah,somewhere end of this month she will fly to egypt
that means,she will not celebrate aidilfitri for the 1st time wif us

and,my dad bought her a new notebook,DELL is pink in colour..hehe
my sis love pink so much..
actually,she was eyeing SONY VAIO for a long time (also the pink 1 lo)
but,the spec was'nt so good
thats y we decide to choose DELL

nasib baik dia tak plh white...bcoz yg itew lbh mengancam..ngehehe
my treat 4 her yesterday was,lappy bag & inner wear..haha
stok utk setahun coz kat egypt takde inner wear yg small in saiz..wakaka

aih..I'm thinking to get a notebook also lo will comes together wif funky lappy design bag
my eyes is stuck wif dis brand..GOLLA(finland product)
it was so trendy...fewhhh :)
my choice will bw this one..the green one..haha
backpack Green huh! :)
and plus..they're designer lappy bag..haha


Farah said...

i pun suka dell lappy tu..cun!!!kalau i prefer whitey la..gorgeous!hehe..fathiyah, u dah booked utk wedding planner ke?when will be ur wedday eh?

diHa said...

by far, DELL is the best kak long.. hehe.. puas hati kalo gune.. hurmm.. fana dh nk terbang yek?? syoknyeee blaja obersee!!! huhu

Fathiyah said...

farah : yes..white looks more planner?takde pon..i arrange my wed sdn wed will be on january..insyallah

diha : ye ke?kak long pon tak tau..bila dah beli baru tau..nasib baik la kan..hehe :)

efmumsgirl said...

hehhe... cam laptop aku n mr faiz gak... tp warna blueblack... warna ijau n pink lg lawa... rugi2...

Fathiyah said... ke..
biru lawa gak
hijau mengancam kan :)
aku teringin nak beli 1 nih..haha

suryana said...

wahh..cantiknyer laptop..