Sep 15, 2008

Best Friends Forever

What a great dinner we had last friday :)

finally,kami 3 stooges dapat berbuka puasa together...LOL

we decided to berbuka puasa at Secret Recipe,KL sentral
strategic location where we(hafsah&me) can met nadiah
malas nak ke KLCC even there is a lot of restaurant with a great great food!
haha...rite now I'm on healthy diet :)

everybody keep saying that I'm suppose to put on weight
kurus sgt ke haku nih???
don't worry..nak gumok tak susah..hehe

sementara tunggu for berbuka puasa,sempat lagi kami bergosip..ngehehe
borak about everythings...our sweet memories
mengusik each other (saya la yg slalu kena tuh)
gelak sampai pecah perut...

btw,our dishes for that evening was...

sama tapi tak serupa..hahaha :p

hafsah & nadiah had dory fish with lobster sauce..
so yummy! must have dis dish next time!!!

while me,grilled black pepper pepper okei..
berasap mulut gue..fuhhhhh

licin tuh...the winner goes to..hafsah...LOL

and our drinks was mixed fruit yogurt shake(me)...i loike
except for the taste of time i will request mixed fruit yogurt shake without bananas..hehe..boley ke???
hafsah had strawberry yogurt shake(yg rasanya mcm dadih strawberry) & nadiah had mocha choc latte(whipped cream hancus itew..hehe)

and plus we had special treat..air sirap biji selasih & kurma..
but we didn't got our ice cream la..
they replace with sky juice...hmmmm..jadilah :)

for dessert,we had choc walnut brownies..fulamak..
this is the bestest brownies I ever had..i loike the choc topping sooo much
hehe..anything about choc,saya mmg soooka!

sapa habis dulu....???? ;p
btw,it almost 18years of our friendship
lama kan..and what make us still standing strong?
one thing in common,we love to eat..we love food...haha

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