Feb 6, 2008

Heroes Season 2

Heroes season 2 is coming back..
yup,for sure I am so excited to know what's happened to my HEROES!!!
but,unfortunately...I can't watch the episodes...
because I don't have Astro channel at home...poor me...sob..sob..sob..huhu :(
(my father don't want & never want to subscribe Astro at home bcoz he said tooo much entertainment...all that craps will make us neglet our responsibility)
but,no matter what...I'm gonna buy a full series of HEROES season 2...cetak rompak pon jadila..janji blh tgk..hehe :) layan...

Last weekend I had a blissful moment with 'geng 10 bdk hitam'
alhamdullilah,we managed to set a gathering this time...only 8 of us
excluding lela & hidayah...(both of them not around KL)
for a while,since october/november last year,we had been busy with our own life
I really miss my close frens...even tough I lil bit late that day (had an important meeting with my family...hehehe ;p)

Another good story...Congratulation to mija (mohd hamizar) & his partner (if I'm not mistaken her name is mariam) regarding their wedding last week..which was been held at Bdr Baru Uda,JB...while majlis bertandang will be on this weekend at Raub,Pahang
due to a-lot-of-things-to-do & transportation dilemma
so,me & my frens (anim & dal) cannot go to raub
tak dapat la kami memeriahkan lagi majlis itew.hehehe :)
so,on behalf of all ur 'anak buah'(majlis pemimpin pelajar TIKL 2000) cewah;p
we wish both of u happy ever after..insyallah
this pic was send to me by a fren..enjoy ;p


mawar said...

wahaa..abg mija da kawen.. akak cepat kak! hehe..

saya dah tengok heroes2 tapi baru sampai 10 episodes.. more challenging! sampai tak tido layan movie.. hehe.. donlod2!

Choco-mania said...

insyallah,akak coming sooon...
wah..ni yg tak sbr nak beli cd pirates heroes...hehee ;p