Feb 15, 2008

Chinese New Year Treat

Today,my office having 'makan besar' among colleague
em,actually for the whole stafs-lah :p
well,I never had a chance to feel the CNY celebration before
but,now...since I'm working with ali baba company...hehe..which,majority of the stafs is chineese..so,by coinciding...I can join & know much more about CNY

The event started with lion dancing...perfomed by chineese high school students
some of the stafs got an 'angpau' & mandarin from the 'lion'...(sampul merah menyala...colour of ong-lah tu)
erm,I didn't got that 'angpau' :(
I feel lil bit dissapointed-lah..but then,when some of my section officemate open up the sampul,there was only a piece of paper that had a number on it...
(4 digit number printed on that lil piece of paper...)
at first they said it is a lucky draw number....
but,the truth is....the number is nothing daaa (blh buat nombor ekor jelah...hahaha)
(nasib baik saya tak dpt..ngehehe)

and the best part of the event,of course...MAKAN!!!
unfortunately,I'm not very sure & feel indecisions about the catering
actually,the owner of the catering is 'cha ya nun alif'
they said all the food is halal...(even the catering put halal logo at their tissue)
but,I'm not so confident wif it...end up,I just eat some fruits,rojak,roti jala (prepared by malay boy...and I did'nt eat roti jala with chicken curry ;p),teh tarik plus ABC...(still byk gak saya makan tuh..ngehehe...yg lain tuh,amik bau jelah)
what make me realllyyy 'kempunan' was tempura dishes & grill mutton!!
(mutton is one of my very very fav...terliur jek tgk member sblh mkn..hish)

p/s : jom kita pekena lamb chop @ stik kambing kat mn2 geng...anim pon suka tuh..sure dia nak..hehe :p (sapa tau tmpt stik yg sodap? selain kg.br)


athirah said...

siannye cik fathi terliur dia tengok org mkn!! dah le ko suka chinese food kan?? yang mcm sayur2 tu kat cengal ko slalu beli..

lamb steak?? alahai..dirku tak makan kambing.. wakakakka..aku tau anem suka.:)

Choco-mania said...

athirah : hehe..aku mmg suka chinese food..kat bdr tun razak ada 1 restoran chinese..owner restoran tuh convert into islam..opismate aku ckp makanan kat situ best..sodap :)
teringin aku nak try..hehe

Anonymous said...

u r what u eat

Choco-mania said...

yginsaf : ye..saya setuju dgn en.me,kalo dah was2,lbh baik kte hindari..setiap ape yg kte akan jd darah daging kte..so,better make sure what we eat is halal :)