Jan 5, 2008

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

well,around past 2 weeks,saya dgn secara tak rasminya tlh meletak jwtn kat opis
hehehe..dgn itu,saya harus menghabiskan sisa2 cuti tahunan saya yg masih berbaki 5hari (saya mmg sengaja simpan cuti byk2 skit..hehe)
tu pon kira balance cuti skit je sbb asyik amik half day leave coz I'd to attend an interview session..ngehehe

kebetulan plak last 2 weeks mmg byk public holiday
so,I take this oppurtunity to bring my siblings & spend lil time wif them :)
On 21 december,me & my siblings visited AQUARIA KLCC - AN OCEAN OF DISCOVERY
hehee..adik2 saya mmg excited to 'look & feel' being part of the nature
so,almost a day we tour inside the Aquaria

The Aquaria was saperated in 6 main exhibition
Jewels of the jungle..Malaysian Rainforest..Amazon Flooded Forest..The Coast..
The Living Ocean..Weird & Wonderful
first we entered the jungle..hehehe :)
actually it was 'journey into the jungle'...introducing our beautiful rainforest..Endau-Rompin
the journey was full with knowledge.. coz we had a chance to get know & see the real habitat
it's so fascanating world! and even exiting,we had a chance to see upclose Aquaria stafs feeded the fish..so cute..even,hbs baju saya basah coz ikan2 tu melompat2..
hey,it's their lunch time..hehe

and,not to forget..it's a must when u visited Aquaria...explore into the TUNNEL
well,first we entered the tunnel..we saw many types of fish,turtle & sea habitat, flora & fauna around us..so real (the habitat in the tunnel actually 25% more bigger than what we see..believe it or not..just imagine the size of sharks!)
just like we live in a deep blue sea for a moment..oh,how wonderful it was..masyallah
we had a chance to watched the divers performance..feeded the fishes
fuh,I'm so jealous wif whom have an ability to divers la..(tibe2 saya teringin nak bljr menyelam..tp,masalahnya..berenang pon saya tak tau..huhuhu ;p)
so,overall my personal experience & thought about AQUARIA...
it's an exciting,fun & learning merge place to visit
especially to the kids...and it's worth it :)

sambil menambah ilmu pengetahuan + melihat kebesaran Allah SWT :)

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