Jan 6, 2008

Better late than never

Firstly,I would like to apologise to azie because the delay of this entry
supposely,I should wrote sumthing about her engagement day a few weeks ago
but,I really don't have a time..sooo much things to do in a sooo lil time...sorry

the person I mean here is...cik noraziah ismail..or lbh manja dgn panggilan azie :)
so...another one of 'geng bdk hitam' tlh bertukar status kpd tunangan org
congratulation azie & munir...after 4 years they get to know each other
as a couple since in UTM....(betoi ke 4 yrs???..hehehe)

well,eventhough only me & lela (geng bdk hitam) yg hadir pd hr tu..
majlis ttp berjln dgn lancar..alhamdullilah.. azril & her girlfren,fina pun dtg gak...
hopefully,on azie's wedding day (insyallah,will be held on august) sume 'geng bdk hitam
dpt berkumpul beramai-ramai :)


thirah said...

yup! better late than never ..hehee

ruginya tak turun kota hari tu!!

boley jumpa adek azril and lelo..

huhuh :(

Choco-mania said...

athirah : takpe2..azie kawin nnt kte gi ramai2..hehe :)

azie said...

Fathi,thanks for the special entry utk kita..trah,mmg sedih trah tak dapat dtg..insyaAllah kita kawin nanti doa2 semua kawan2 rapat dapat dtg ye :)

Choco-mania said...

sama2 azie :) yup,kte pon hrp sgt time kenduri farah & azie sume dpt berkumpul :)