Aug 5, 2007

Always cooking with love

yup,always cooking with love ;) thats what my mum always told me..time prepare nak msk tu,ms basuh sayur ke,mengacau kuah ke,ape2 je lah...jgn lupa selawat..haaa..I tell u what..this is the 'petua org2 lama' in order to make their family close..the lurve is always in their heart..taking a good care on each other..

dan yg plg penting,insyallah dgn cr ni jd pengerat kasih syg between husband & nak tambat hati hubby la..sng works..hehehe ;) from my mum experience of course..lgpun,byk benefits berselawat ni..dpt pahala,hati menjd tenang..oh,I still remember one of my akak usrah used to give an advice everytime we gather,she must say this quote 'Hanya dgn mengingati Allah swt,hati kita akan menjadi tenang',whenever u feel sad,hopeless and what-so-ever..the best way to do is...make urself close to Allah swt..insyallah,every single things will be settle down

okei,today I'm making bihun sup ;) my father fav dishes all da time (actually my ayah is 'addicted' with whatever sup,especially sup tulang,sup gear box..hehe)

well,the steps to make bihun sup is quiet easy..I think anybody can cook it ;) just,cook the sup..then u have to prepare the others (taugeh,sawi,bawang goreng,sambal kicap...ape2 bhn tambahan yg anda soka,mengikut selera masing2)

so,here is my bihun sup...serve ala kampong ;)


ilicious said...

lapa la tgk u masak.. so jealous when u have a great passion in cooking.. i always wonder y i don't have that passion.. liat sungguh nak masak.. hehe

Choco-mania said...

raya nnt i buat open house 4 jasminias lah..hehe ;) don't be jealous..i pon jealous kat u tau..coz u have a great passion in photography..ur pic is sooo adorable ;)

ilicious said...

hoyeh!!! makan2.. and miss jaminians too...