Apr 22, 2008

Save The World

Today is earth day
so,what is ur action to save our planet?
there is a lot of things can be done..
just do ur part..
the most easiest action is start recycle our waste
and..stop polute our environment

like me,I'm recycle all those things like bottle,plastic,paper etc
and I'm saving the usage of energy at home & everywhere
it's simple like 123 right?
come on everybody!
lets save our mother nature b4 it's too late :)

click this 4 more info http://green.yahoo.com/earth-day


arEnA said...

org bangi???
same la kite...
hehe..nice blog

hafsah said...

save the tree.. save the whale!!
(i'm serious)

Choco-mania said...

arena : hi!! bangi seksyen bape? bdk utm gak ye?sama la :)

Choco-mania said...

hafsah : yup!! agree wif u :)

Anonymous said...

aha, me dah simpan tin 100 plus yg me dah minum dan bagi kat kakak indon pantri kat tempat me keje.. kitar semula, voleee kan kan

arEnA said...

ooo..hehe..bangi kat section 7, dekat ngan BINTANG..
kat sini amek kimia industri..

Choco-mania said...

yginsaf : good effort en.me! :)

arena : oic :)