Apr 29, 2011

3rd Trimester

My 9 miracle months will end soon. Today, I’m reaching my 36weeks. Sapa tau esok lusa, maybe baby will come out & say hi to everyone. Heee. Mak saya dulu, bersalin anak perempuan semuanya awal. If I follow her step, get ready jelah. Baby head already kat bawah. Alhamdullilah.

At this stage, perasaan bercampur-campur. Happy, excited, nervous and so on. I bet, for those yang dah pernah deliver baby, sure tau this feelings kan. After been through this pregnancy journey by myself, a lot of things I learned. Syukur & thanks Allah for the gift, rahmat & rezeki ini. For sure, I’m gonna miss my pregnancy moments. Dengan bermacam-macam kisah, drama & sandiwara. Keh keh keh =p

Our bag already packed. Baby room dah kemas & ready. Saja je omaknya mengada-ngada nak buat baby room. Nanti baby tido dengan omak jugak. Hehehe ;p

Sepanjang third trimester ni, my baby grown up so fast. Her movement was different nowadays. Kalau dulu just rasa dia tendang or tumbuk. Tapi sekarang rasa tangan or kaki baby menggeliat etc. Perut akan bergoyang & senget benget bila baby aktif. Funny. Hehe. Cepat rasa penat. Sebelum solat, kena pastikan perut tak full. Kalau perut full, then solat, sure mengah, tak cukup nafas.

Rasa sakit, lenguh badan tu, for me biasa lah kan. Asam garam orang mengandung. Kadang-kadang saya rasa sakit pinggang masa tido, sakit belakang time duduk kat office, betis tend to cramp masa tengah tido & macam-macam lagi. I’d a bit water retention at my feet. Kaki dah kembang. Syukur, I never had heartburn until this stage. HB reading was the highest ever since 1st check up, 13.6. Unbelievable ;p

Attend Antenatal Class. It was a great class with a very good experience to a first time parent like us. All the speakers were very expert in their field & their session was very interesting. We really enjoy & had a good time there. I already practice the breathing technique & pelvic exercise for preparation in labour room soon.

At 34weeks, I’d my 1st Braxton Hicks contraction. It comes once within 1hour. Feel pain at the serviks area. Gile cuak masa mula-mula rasa contraction ni. A whole day jugak la the contraction was on & off. Starting from that day, I do feel a mild contraction at least once in a day. Saja ye dia main-main & testing omak ;) Hehehe.

Hmmm, kalau ikutkan hati, rasa nak start cuti & stay kat rumah je. Rasa tak sabar nak beranak pun ada. Heee. Wish me luck ya =)

Apr 26, 2011


Dear Abang,

Today you will end your 2series age. Next year, you gonna reach 3series already. Hahaha ;p Insyallah, in a few days/weeks you'll get another title that people proudly called Ayah :) So sweet rite. Alhamdullilah. Syukur for all rezeki & blessing from Allah. Oh, I'm pretty sure that you're more excited than I am at this moment. Just be patient & doakan yang terbaik for us. We gonna meet our little one soon and I hope she will be the most priceless gift ever to both of us.

Btw, this song is dedicated to you. Ben E.King - Stand By Me (in the labour room..hehehe ;p)

Mommy & Baby